Adam Makaena - criminal
Adam Makaena
Adam Makena
AKM/ABK Maintenance
Adam Makaena
Newport Beach, CA
5 ft 10 in
160 lbs.
Tattoo of Hawaiian islands located on
center of his back to his upper left back shoulder area.

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Adam Makaena of Newport Beach is a known criminal. His aliases are: Adam Makaena, Adam B. Makaena, Adam K. Makaena, Adam Byron Kamawailualani Makaena, AKM Maintenance & Janitorial Services, ABK Janitorial, Adam Makena (on Facebook).

Below are case numbers from court cases in Orange County California that were filed against Adam Makaena. Note that in each and every one of the criminal, civil, and small claims cases, Adam Makaena was a defendant. That basically tells you that they were all cases against him brought on by someone who he has taken money from. Details of each case are available at the Orange County Superior Court's website

The following is a list (in no particular order) of known victims and the dollar amounts Adam stole from them.
Victim Count Gender Amount
1 F $5,000
2 M $14,100
3 M $8,000
4 M $5,000
5 M $400-500
6 M $100
7&8 F(2) $1,500 total
9 M $1,200
10 M $2,600
11 M $5,000
12 M $4,000
13 M $27,000
14 M $4,000
  $78,000 TOTAL
All but Victims #1 and #12 had money stolen from them sometime after the beginning of the year 2010. The list is a list of known victims. It's probably safe to say there are numerous others that have been unfortunate enough to have come in contact with Adam.

Feel free to contact us at if you've been victimized by Adam Makaena and want to tell your story.

Updates (sorted by most recent date to oldest)

UPDATE June 10, 2013
Adam Makaena booked into Central Mens Jail Today is Adam's 36th birthday. Hopefully he spends a lot of time today reflecting on his actions and thinking about all of his victims as he spends his birthday in prison instead of celebrating with family and friends. On May 13, 2013 Adam Makaena was sentenced to 16 months in jail and ordered to pay restitution. Click on the image (courtesy of to see the details.

UPDATE May 11, 2013
Adam Makaena booked into Central Mens Jail Adam Makaena was booked into the Central Mens Jail in Orange County on May 10, 2013.  Click on the image provided for a more detailed view of his booking.

UPDATE May 7, 2013:
Adam Makaena arrested in Carslbad San Diego Adam was arrested in Carlsbad San Diego on May 4, 2013 by the San Diego Sheriff's Department. His bail was set at $25,000. Click on the image provided for a more detailed view of his arrest.

UPDATE May 6, 2013:
A victim has informed us that Adam has been arrested in Carlsbad San Diego, presumably found driving around Carlsbad in the stolen vehicle mentioned below.

UPDATE April 16, 2013:
Adam Makaena stole this vehicle Adam has added grand theft auto to his resume.

This site was contacted by a recent victim of Adam and he wanted us to give the following update. Adam has stolen $4,000 in cash as well as a vehicle from this victim. If anyone spots this vehicle, please call the police as it has been reported stolen. The vehicle is a black 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with license plate #5NDV454 and VIN #1J4GS48KX5C632655. There is a warrant out for Adam's arrest regarding this theft.

UPDATE April 6, 2013:
As of this update, Adam has absconded and failed to meet the obligations of his probation in case number 11HF0162 and is currently a fugitive with a warrant out for his arrest.

UPDATE November 28, 2012:
According to the OC Sherrif's Dept (, Adam Makaena was arrested on 9/5/2012 and held at the Musick Facility for men and was subsequently released on 10/19/2012. It is not clear why he was arrested. Possibly a parole violation? A search at, shows he was sentenced to 90 days jail on 9/12/2012 and his release status is "remanded" (which presumably means he's still in jail as of 11/28/2012, and being held at a facility other than the Musick Facility).

UPDATE April 23, 2012:
Adam Makaena pled guilty and was finally sentenced in case number 11HF0162.
His sentencing is as follows:

  • 3 years Probation (ends 4/22/2015)
  • 180 days Jail
  • Restitution

UPDATE April 21, 2012:
Another hearing for sentencing is scheduled on April 23rd.

UPDATE April 16, 2012:
Another hearing for sentencing is scheduled on April 17th.

UPDATE April 4, 2012:
Another hearing for sentencing is scheduled on April 16th.

UPDATE March 29, 2012:
Another sentencing hearing is scheduled on April 4th.

UPDATE March 16, 2012:
It would seem as of March 9th, Adam is no longer a fugitive and was sent back to jail and is awaiting sentencing on March 28th.

On Tuesday September 13, 2011 Adam Makaena pled guilty in case number 11HF0162. Monday September 19, 2011 was the date set for sentencing in the case. Apparently, he did not show up to court for sentencing and has forfeited his $50,000 bail bond. Adam Makaena's current status is "Fugitive".


Case No.

* criminal cases against Adam Makaena.
Case No.Filed
30-2009-00325459-SC-SC-HNB 12/03/2009
30-2009-00314918-SC-SC-WJC 10/27/2009
30-2008-00226985-SC-SC-HLH 12/05/2008
30-2008-00093236-SC-SC-HLH 08/19/2008
06HS00218 02/01/2006
Case No.FiledDescription
30-2008-00214794-CL-UD-HLH 10/20/2008 UNLAWFUL DETAINER - RESIDENTIAL


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